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CORE Kids Academy

The core essentials to your child's future!

Now Hiring: Teachers with ECE/CDA credentials!

Extracurricular Programs

This year we are excited to offer the following extracurricular programs to students currently enrolled in our school.


Learn how to play Sports! Playball is an interactive sports and movement program to develop and strengthen gross and fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, teamwork and self confidence! It is designed for ages 2 and up. Classes will be held Tuesdays at 10 am.

*GA Pre-k students are able to participate, even if they are not enrolled in after care. Those classes will start at 2:45 and you need to be here right after class to pick up your child.

Let’s get ready to dance! The class is divided into 20 mins of ballet and 20 mins of tap dancing. There is dress code, including ballet and tap shoes, leotard and tights. Classes will be held Thursdays for 45 mins at 9:45 for ages 3 and up. There is a recital at the end of the session

Music Lessons coming soon!

Please feel free to ask the front staff about any of the activities.